Enharmonia International Piano Competition

IMA Enharmonia Piano Competition will be a milestone in the professional growth of each participant. Our jury members are constantly involved in helping the young pianists to develop their talents and musicality. They serve constantly in the juries of the main world piano competitions (Chopin of Warsaw, Hamamatsu, ecc.).  In this sense, we see the piano competition as an opportunity for the participants to learn more about their performances from the jury. 

Application deadline

August 7, 2017

Rules of participation 2017





Age limits

Pianists of all nationalities and up to 35 years old (born after January 1st, 1983) are invited to apply.

Dates of competition and place

Eliminatory Round: Saturday, September 2, 2017 (starting at 10:00). Concert hall of the Istituto "Giovanni Lettimi" of Rimini (via Cairoli 44, Rimini, Italy).

Final Round: Sunday, September 3, 2017, 21:00, Teatro degli Atti in Rimini.

The Final Round will be also in the calendar of Sagra Musicale Malatestiana of Rimini. 


Admission procedure

In order to apply to the competition, the applicant must submit all the required documents and send them via e-mail to: info@imaenharmonia.com

A PRESELECTION could be made. In this case, you will be asked to provide us a video recording.




The non-refundable Application Fee is 80 €. Please transfer this amount and send us a copy of the wire transfer by e-mail. You may pay the Application Fee of the Masterclass and the one of the Competition at the same time. 



The non-refundable Application Fee is 95 €, plus 15 € membership card to IMA Enharmonia. Please transfer the amount and send us a copy of the wire transfer by e-mail. 



Eliminatory: Free choice solo pieces. Max. duration 13 minutes. 

Final: Free choice solo pieces. Max. duration 20 minutes.


Pieces must be performed by memory. No prepared piano pieces will be accepted. It is not allowed to repeat any piece performed in the Eliminatory. Pieces must be free of performing rights (except those performed for the "Carter Larsen Award", see under for more information).


Voting procedure

Eliminatory: the voting will take place after the performance of the last candidate. The names of the candidates who are admitted to the final round will be announced shortly afterwards, and will be written on the door of the competition hall. Up to five competitors will be admitted to the final round. 


Final: the voting will take place after the performance of the last candidate. The awards certificates will be given on stage, right after the jury made its decision.


In a case of a tie in any Round, the President of the Jury will have the final decision. 



1st prize:

1000 €, Diploma, concert opportunities, honor membership to IMA Enharmonia.


2nd prize: 

400 €, Diploma, honor membership to IMA Enharmonia.


3rd prize: 

150 €, Diploma, honor membership to IMA Enharmonia.


Up to two honorific mentions (finalists who are not awarded any prize): 

Diploma, membership to IMA Enharmonia.


Carter Larsen Award:

200 €, Diploma, scores of Carter Larsen's music,  offered by the composer himself.

The Carter Larsen Award will be given to the best performer of a piece written by Mr. Larsen, chosen from a list provided by the Association. If you wish to apply, please tick the box in the Application Form. After you pay the application fee, we will submit you the scores of the pieces. You may choose only one piece from the list, which should be performed in the first round. The winner of this Award, regardless if he or she is a finalist or not, will perform Mr. Larsen's piece during the final round of the competition, which is an event of the Sagra Musicale Malatestiana. 


The videos of the performances of the winners and their biographies will be published on our website and social medias. 

Other prizes and concert opportunities may be announced later, before the beginning of the competition. Any prize may not be awarded or could be divided, in case the Jury decides so, except for the first prize, which cannot be divided. All other competitors will receive a Participation Certificate.


Travel, accommodation and food

Competitors not participating in the masterclass:

Each competitor  must arrange his/her own travel and accommodation.


Competitiors participating in the masterclass:

The accommodation at the Fondazione Righetti during the competition is included in the Fee of the Masterclass. Nevertheless, we remind that only a limited number of places is available, so we suggest to apply as soon as possible in order to have your accommodation guaranteed. 


Drawing lots 

The drawing lots will take place on Friday, September 2nd, 2017 (time to be confirmed) at the Istituto "G. Lettimi" of Rimini. This will establish the performances order. The order will be published on the internet.

Candidates are required to be present during the drawing lots, in order to confirm their participation. In case somebody is not able to participate, he or she is requested to notice it to us BEFORE the drawing lots take place. Candidates who neither show up at the drawing lots, nor communicate us their impossibility to come, will be removed from the performance list and will be not able to participate in the competition. No refund of the Application Fee is applicable. Candidates who are not physically present at the drawing lots are asked to check their performance time on the schedule which will be published on the Homepage of our website after the end of the drawing lots. We will not have the time to reply to any e-mail, nor to call you personally, to provide you this information.


General considerations

All Jury members will declare their relationship (personal and professional) to each competitor.

The decisions of the Jury are indisputable.

Any legal action is not possible.

In case the competitor is not present at the moment of calling to perform, he will be automatically excluded from the competition. Any medical or other issues must be transmitted immediately to the Chairman or to the organization at least 2 hours before the performance time.

The Application Fee cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

The selected repertoire should demonstrate competitor's musical and pianistic capacities. Aesthetical, formal and stylistic understanding of the pieces will be valued together with technical-mechanical control of the instrument.

These Rules are valid from the moment of posting them on the website or on our official channels at Facebook (see the link hereunder). 

By submitting the form you agree to let IMA Enharmonia use any multimedia material such as video recording of any competition rounds, pictures with advertisement purposes on website, Facebook, posters and any other channel. IMA Enharmonia may, but will not guarantee you the right to view the material before its publication. 

By sending your documents you accept these Rules.

Any change or incorporated new rules will be officially communicated by IMA Enharmonia.


Jury 2017:

Jean-François Antonioli

Aquiles Delle Vigne

Carter Larsen

Alessandro Maffei

Dina Parakhina

Riccardo Risaliti

Claudius Tanski

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