The assembly of the members of the association will be held on Wednesday, March 28, at 11 a.m. at its branch in Milan. All members who renewed their membership for the year 2018 and all honorary members are welcome to participate. Download the official convocation here!

The Association

International Music Academy Enharmonia was founded in December 2013. Since October 2015, it is a non-profit association which has the aim of providing top level musical education with an innovative approach. The edition 2016 will be the first held in Italy, so that our students can breathe a new atmosphere!


In our vision, a nowadays musician needs to achieve excellent instrumental and musical skills, associated with a strong artistic personality and an ability to master the stage performance. Our activity has the goal to take the best out of them. 

Moreover, we strongly believe in music as an international language to be shared among all the participants. Therefore we encourage interaction between participants and professors. 

The beauty of the location where our masterclass are held is also very important to us, as source of inspiration for all our musicians.



President and Artistic Director

Mag. Chiara Esposito

Vice president

Dr. Germana Di Stefano


Dr. Paolo Arosio

Abstract from the articles of association


Prov. 2 –  Purposes
The association is no profit and pursues the following goals:


a. Diffuse the musical culture, both among young people and among adults, also through international exchange projects;
b. Promote the development of talents through the organization of high level educational events and through offering opportunities of growth, confrontation and visibility;
c. Amplify the knowledge of the musical culture, literary and generally artistic by developing contacts between people, institutions and associations;
d. Widen the didactive perspectives of musical teachers, so that they can transmit the passion for musical and artistic culture as a strong resource for the individuals and as a social value;
e. Be an occasion to bring together all the participants with similar cultural interests, pursueing in this way a social function of human and civil maturation, through the idea of permanent education;
Prov. 3 – Activities
IMA Enharmonia promotes different activities for reaching its goals:
1. Educational activities: international masterclasses, courses for children, amateurs, refresh courses for music teachers and educators, formation of research and study groups;
2. Cultural activities: concerts, lecture concerts, competitions, seminars, conferences [...];
3. Editoral activities: publication of a bulletin, of seminars and of the results of the researchers;
4. Talent scouting and talent promoting
5. Fund raising in order to organize the above-mentioned activities.

Founder & President

 Chiara Esposito 


Chiara Esposito was born in Milan (Italy) and began to study music at the age of four. She studied first at the Conservatorio "G. Verdi" of Milan, under the guidance of the famous Italian pedagogue Prof. Annibale Rebaudengo. She was then admitted to Universität Mozarteum Salzburg, where she graduated with distinction in the class of Prof. Claudius Tanski. 



Enharmonia: Providing top level musical education with an innovative approach!


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