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IMA Enharmonia is, since 2015, a non-profit association, open to every young musician in the world. You can become a member, take part to its social life, play  a positive and propositive role to projects and implement really functional ideas to our  professional development. Furthermore, you can promote art and music in a really international dimension, free from borders, you can play an active role for the implementation of the initiatives we will focus on.


A special thank goes to our partner, the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali "G. Lettimi" and particularly to its Director, M° Alessandro Maffei , who has played a central role in this new project. 

In Rimini, students will be lodged right in front of the Istituto "Lettimi", in the historical center of the city!


Our Faculty members have unique backgrounds.

Thanks to  the structure of the masterclass we offer, you can decide whether to attend classes with one or with more than one teacher. Therefore, you will either focus your work with one professor or get impulses from more than one.


We are really looking forward for having you  as member of IMA Enharmonia and join us in Rimini, carrying with you the same joy and positive energy we put into this project!


Chiara Esposito,

President and Artistic Director of IMA Enharmonia


Enharmonia: Providing top level musical education with an innovative approach!
IMA Enharmonia piano masterclass and competition

Enharmonia: Providing top level musical education with an innovative approach!


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